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Online shopping is essential right now with the pandemic that is currently sweeping throughout the country. Many individuals are turning to online marketplaces in order to purchase daily household items in order to avoid the potential dangers of shopping using in-person methods. Local community members are relying on online methods of purchase more than ever in order to receive necessary houseware items. A result of this shift is the closing of many businesses that were unable to remain open, establish adaptable platforms, or function under local mandates. Major marketplaces such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart that have operated through online platforms prior to the pandemic are gaining online traffic exponentially. Many businesses that previously operated with no online presence, however, have had to since update their methods in order to reach target markets while following social distancing guidelines. Farmers’ markets were no exception. 

Ecommerce market

While grocery shopping previously established a reputation of being done in-person, there is a growing online market for such purchases. Using online methods, people can purchase their groceries without placing themselves and others in harm’s way when visiting physical locations like the farmers market. Online forms of shopping allow for individuals to view a wide array of household items and foods from home. Once they have selected their desired goods, online shoppers can arrange for items to either be placed for pickup at a local marketplace or to be delivered directly to their door. With online shopping allowing for contactless pickup and delivery options, consumers have been turning to such methods as their go-to when it comes to purchasing groceries. According to DigitalCommerce, since September, there has been a 43% rise in online shopping. This exemplifies the dramatic and intense shift that consumers have made in order to shop for goods safely as a result of the pandemic.. Nielsen and the Food Marketing Institute estimate that by 2025, the online grocery delivery industry could grow to as much as $100 billion. With that being said, online grocery delivery systems are here to stay. As a result of the pandemic, farmer’s markets and other small businesses have started to move their operations online as well. In order to stay afloat, farmers’ markets in particular have taken advantage of online methods in providing local communities with fresh, organic produce. This poses the question: how do farmer’s markets benefit, if at all, from online markets? 

Online marketplace for Farmers 

The online marketplaces for farmers markets are simple to use. It is the same as shopping online, except in this case, community members have access to homegrown vegetables and fruits at the touch of a button. Instead of being able to order unhealthy meals from delivery services, individuals now have the choice to order organic produce from their neighbors from the comfort of their homes. The idea behind online marketplaces for farmers’ markets is the same as it is for major businesses. Local community members are able to visit their online platforms, browse an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, and then place an order to be picked up or delivered contactlessly to their door. Many different farmers’ markets are taking advantage of online marketplaces where fresh produce is able to be found locally. This way, farmers’ markets can remain in business safely and continue to provide farm fresh produce for local families. According to, some of these new online markets include OurHarvest, Good Egg, Artists & Fleas, and Red Hills Online Market. Services such as AmazonFresh and FreshDirect are branching out in order to achieve a similar goal as well. One of the best parts about these online methods is that shoppers have the option to either have their goods

delivered or to get them at a pick up stop. These new online farmers markets allow people to get farm fresh produce without worrying about getting sick or not practicing social distancing. One up-and-coming platform that is highly beneficial for both community members and local 

Farmers are called Menutables. This platform could potentially solve the decline in business that farmers’ markets are currently facing. As a result of Menutables, it is no longer necessary to drive to a physical location in order to obtain farm fresh produce. There are now contactless options that avoid face-to-face interaction when it comes to buying local, organic goods. If you have ever wished that fresh produce or hot meals could be delivered directly to your door, Menu Tables has the solution for you. With our company, our mission is to empower home business like home cooking and homegrown. Imagine, you can make $50k/ a year cooking for the community that you love. There are many opportunities and choices when it comes to food and cooking; but this one, is one you do not want to miss!

What MenuTables does?

Menutables has an app platform that consumers can browse from. Customers are able to choose not only from fresh produce, but also from home cooked meals that are posted on the Menutables app or website. On these platforms, local farmers and chefs can post their produce or dishes for sale. This creates a wide array of options for consumers to choose from. If they have the desire to prepare a meal, they can purchase the necessary farm fresh vegetables and fruits to do so. However, if they are looking to try something new, they can also purchase unique dishes from local chefs in their community. Community members then have the opportunity to select from local, fresh foods and have them delivered directly to their door. Who knew that one day we would be able to purchase dishes from a local chef in town? Not only does this method allow for local chefs and farmers to showcase their products, but it also allows for an easy transaction between the buyer and the supplier. Local chefs and farmers are able to provide either pickup or delivery options at their discretion. If they choose to do so, they may include a delivery fee along with the price of the produce or dish that they are providing. The chef or farmer will benefit from increased business while the local community member will benefit from the vast selection of home cooked dishes and homegrown vegetables right at their fingertips. Not only does this provide a healthy alternative to ordering food out, but it also provides a safe, simple way for communities to support their local businesses. 

As a result, Menutables is an easily accessible, open market for the active backyard grower who loves spending time out in the fresh air.

All foods available on the Menutables app platforms have passed our vetting standards for organic gardening and farming protocols. From planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing and harvesting a variety of locally-produced and healthy foods for the community, our farmers and chefs are the absolute best at what they do.

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