How to make money from your culinary skills using MenuTables

How to make money from your culinary skills using MenuTables

Home-cooked meals are made in the most hygienic way and with the freshest ingredients. Research made by the Johns Hopkin School of Public Health revealed that “People who frequently eat home-cooked meals are healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less”. On September 18, 2018, California’s bill (AB 626), which allows for microenterprises home kitchen operations, was passed into law and went into effect on 1st January 2019.

 The law allows people to cook from their homes and sell directly to the public. However, there are some requirements to be met to use this law. Some of which are making and selling your food on the same day, selling directly to customers, not selling more than 60 meals per week and staying under the $50000 annual sales limit.

 Home chefs generally put in a lot of effort into developing the right menu, ensuring the same quality of food at every point in time, and ensuring food safety. However, it is also necessary for home chefs to meet up with the burden of food cost by eliminating waste and effective marketing and purchasing.

It is also very important for home chefs to earn a reasonable profit at the end of the month. Home chefs are burdened with looking for ways to connect with consumers in their community to sell their dishes and make a profit. Often, this is such an arduous task.

MenuTables makes all of these very easy to achieve. It helps in relieving home chefs from looking for means to connect with consumers in their community. It is an online platform designed for home chefs, backyard growers and farmers to share their produce with a community of consumers.

 MenuTables’ main aim is to provide a network between backyard farmers and growers, home chefs, and consumers to connect so that the backyard farmers’ fresh produce and home chef’s delicious dishes can be sold locally.

As home chefs, sharing your dishes on the MenuTables app is a very effective marketing strategy. MenuTables app helps in increasing home chefs’ recognition and acceptance in their communities. It enables more consumers within your community to get to know you and connect with you on the app.

As you gain more recognition through the MenuTables app, more customers can order for your amazing dishes and have them delivered to them in their homes or offices. Thereby enabling you to sell to more people, and this consequently increases the money you make.

One major challenge faced by chefs is knowing where and how to source the right ingredients. This is because their menu’s success is largely dependent on the quality and consistency of the ingredients used.

It is, however, difficult to get fresh ingredients from the supermarket. With the MenuTables app, home chefs can now get a constant supply of fresh farm produce from local farmers in their community at an affordable price. MenuTables app saves home chefs time and takes the stress of sourcing quality ingredients off them.

MenuTables is an amazing platform with endless benefits for home chefs if effectively utilized.

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